Tallulah Gorge ride

This ride has some variety to it in both the roads and things to do and see. One of the first roads will be hwy 28 (one thing nice about this ride is that you stay on 28 all the way thru Highlands) heading to Franklin, NC this road after turning off of 74 will follow a valley offers some nice sweepers. After Franklin you will enter the Cullasaja Gorge area the first waterfalls can be seen from the road these are very easy to miss as there is only a small pull off with enough room for a 2-3 cars it is also not marked. The waterfall not to miss is a little further along is Dry Falls it gets its name from being able to walk behind the falls without getting wet this is just a short walk from the parking lot not even considered a hike. From Dry Falls you will hit Bridal Veil Falls this is almost walking distance from Dry Falls parking lot, but if there is water flowing you will want to drive behind Bridal Veil Falls and possibly even get a picture while behind the falls. The next stop will be Highlands, NC.

This town has some of the most unique shops around definitely on the upper class scale, so if you are into a little shopping a recommended stop. There are several restaurants in town might be a good place to eat if you are there at lunch time.

From Highlands head to Whitewater Falls take HWY 64 East until HWY 281 south at about the South Carolina state line the falls will be on your left. This waterfall does have some steps but again really more of walk than a hike for some of highest falls east of the Mississippi.  After viewing the falls leave the parking lot and head south on HWY 281. Hwy 281 will turn into SC130 at state line then watch for you will need turn right onto S37-413 this will return you to HWY 28 turn right onto 28 watch carefully for War Woman Road another lesser known road but gets mentioned in quite a few motorcycle websites for a good riding road. You will be heading towards Clayton Georgia.

At Clayton you will turn south onto HWY 441 heading towards Tallulah Gorge this Georgia state park has one of the deepest gorges in the eastern US. The first stop here should be the visitor center that will be located on the left hand side of the road where you can get information on the hiking available there are many overlooks that are more of walks to view the gorge versus going to the bottom which is definitely considered a hike but worth it for the views if you are interested after viewing from the overlooks. The area has a little bit of interesting history from the rich traveling from Atlanta or the tight rope walker that crossed the gorge in the 70’s. on the south side of the gorge there is an old tourist trap of a general store that has some information  on these events. From the visitor center you would head south on 441 cross the gorge then first road to the left.

Once you have complete your visit of the Tallulah gorge you will get back on 441 north and head to Franklin, NC. The next interesting road is Wayah Road this will take you up and over some mountains has some curves and scenery mixed in on the downhill side you will be riding along Nantahala lake and into the Nantahala outdoor recreation area.

When you get to HWY 74 there is a parking lot on the right, this is where the put the kayakers and rafters into the river for the white water ride to the Nantahala outdoor center. Turn right on 74 there will be several places to pull off and watch the rafters if you would like a little further will be the rafting liveries and places to eat if you so decide.

Continue on 74 until you meet 28 again and turn left back to the cabin.



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