Hot Springs with Gatlinburg

This ride will take you through the following towns Maggie Valley, Hot Springs, Cosby and Gatlinburg. It offers a lot of flexibility on what to do for the day, the high points for riding would be NC 209  known affectingly as the Rattler from interstate 40 to Hot Springs NC, this road because ranks as one of the most fun because of the variety from a long stretch in a valley to some tight twists going into Hot Springs. Options on what to do for entertainment are plentiful and different in Maggie Valley there are some shops but the draw for the motorcyclist would be Wheels Through time museum.  If you have time and motorcycle history interests you this is a must stop. Hot spring offers a nice stopping point for some lunch. The ride to Gatlinburg from there is heading towards Newport and down to Cosby. The way it is mapped out you will back track a little to get on the eastern Foothills parkway a smooth winding road with very little traffic ending up in Cosby, TN. Continuing on from there into Gatlinburg.  The map shows going from Gatlinburg to Cherokee, NC but if you are not the type to spend much time in Gatlinburg the alternate route of old state highway 73 which  is located just inside the park south of Gatlinburg. Highway 73 is listed as one of America’s most beautiful roads.  Follow 73 through Townsend TN until you catch the western foothills parkway this will take you over to US 129, so you will get to ride the dragon again if you choose this route.

Map option one Cherokee

If you want to go thru Townsend google will not allow me to map using the foothills parkway. It is very easy to find and marked well it will add about 1 hour to the ride time.

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